ActiveCampaign – What I Love And Hate

It seems like email marketers are ready to punch someone in the face over ActiveCampaign these days...

What's the big deal?

Well, when it comes to email service providers (autoresponder services), email marketers have been searching for the holy grail since just after Al Gore invented the internet...

You hear thinks like:

This ESP has "world class" features but requires an engineering degree to use it...

That ESP is simple to use but lacks the marketing power I see the juggernauts of marketing use...

Another ESP has backassward stupid policies which have me pondering poking my eyes out with a hot poker...

What's an email marketer to do?

ActiveCampaign seems to be every email marketers fantasy...

It has world class marketing power with a small ESP price tag.

But what about "Affiliate Marketing"?

Don't they hate it?

Won't I get "banned" if I promote something in my emails?

Guess what?

I wondered these same issues.

No way am I going to take the time to switch somewhere and have to hop back to my old ESP in a week.

Screw that!

Here's what I did.

I signed up for a free account and took it for a test drive.

I then upgraded to a paid account and have been using it for over a month.

I've also put one of my largest clients there and have setup some pretty nifty email marketing juice.

Best part?

I've promoted some products, and I'm still alive to tell you about it.

So, here's what I'm going to do.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, at 3pm Pacific/6pm Eastern, I'll walk you through...

#1 - What I love and hate about ActiveCampaign...

#2 - How I've promoted affiliate offers and not received the boot...

#3 - How to do some sick email marketing magic even a clueless technophobe could do...

#4 - How ActiveCampaign can help you make more from your email marketing efforts...

#5 - I'll even discuss the pros and cons of various autoresponder services and answer your questions...

Look, I've used more autoresponder services than most people even know about.

ExactOffTarget, Aflubber, GetNoResponse, iCan'tContact, OntraPoop (formerly known as OAPee), Confusionsoft, ARPNoReach, NotInspired, OEMProzac, Blue Hornet's Nest, 1ShoppingFart, Campaign"Destroyer"Monitor, HubSnot, NotInTheInbox 360, MailPimp, SendGridIsDown, SilverNotPopular, StreamNotSending, and Lyris (couldn't think of anything here..) to name a few...

Here's the video and audio reply for your viewing pleasure.



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Click here to discover what the big deal is about ActiveCampaign...

To recap my bonus if you decide to upgrade to a paid plus (or higher) account with ActiveCampaign through me, here is what you get:

  • Ultimate Deliverability Funnel - This my email funnel for the best deliverability AND response possible when someone enters your email list for the first time... and works with prospects and customers. (I've used this with small clients to clients with lists in the millions. It's also been reviewed by more than one head of deliverability at a major autoresponder service with rave reviews for the effectiveness AND uniqueness of the strategy)
  • A bonus Google Hangout walk through where I go through setting up this ultimate deliverability funnel step by step and answer questions... (Bonus - You can take this information and use it with any autoresponder service if you every go insane and leave ActiveCampaign for somebunny else).
  • The exact emails I use (your template)
  • I'll provide you a real-world example and video walk through of how to use the ActiveCampaign API to add people to your list for 1 click webinar/hangout registrations, etc.

If you have any questions about my bonus, please post them below or hit me up on skype @ bigmarketing

Live long and prosper,
Big Jason

Big Jason

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