Answers to Questions About Obtaining Email Marketing Super Powers

I've received quite a few questions about my Dial An Email Marketing Hero monthly coaching program.

I'm not going to assume the answer to your question is below.

If you do have a question or concern about my monthly group coaching program, feel free to just reply to this email or hit me up on Skype @ bigmarketing.

Alrighty then...

Here are the answers.

Question #1 - What's the difference between your previous "private" coaching offer and the "group" coaching you're offering now?

Answer: "Private" coaching is just that... private.

Nobunny is going to see your emails and marketing.

My time is devoted to you only and thus, more expensive.

On the flip side, "group" coaching is more of a mastermind with other email marketers (thus, costing 90% -- or more -- less than private coaching).

They will see your emails and marketing materials.... if you decide to submit them.

You are more than welcome to learn and take action from the critiques of others.

In fact, the number one thing people love about Email Response Warrior Gold is watching and learning from the critiques.

However, as you will see below, you're not limited to submitting email to landing page sequences for critiques.

You can ask me things like:

"What image should I use in this email?"

My answer might be "I would test it. Here are some options. But maybe no image fits in this email because of..."

"What should I split test in this email?"

My answer might be "For the best return and least resources, I would split test x... and here are the versions I would test."

"Which subject line would you use for this email?"

My answer might be "Well, I would test subject line x vs subject line y, and here's why..."

Question #2 - If I submit my email and landing page sequence for critique, can you assure me it will be done the same month?

Answer: No. I can assure you it will get critiqued but not when.

There will be a lot of other students.

If you absolutely have to get your critiques done immediately, then private coaching is for you.

I'll be giving "real" critiques... the same critiques I give people like MindValley, referrals from John Carlton, one of the largest product owners on Clickbank and even Bond Halbert.

There will be no "blah, blah, blah. NEXT!"

Question #3 - What exactly am I getting for (only) $97 a month?

Answer: Everything is spelled out on the acceptance page, but here is a brief recap.

* Private membership area where you can ask me as many questions as you like.

* A minimum of two live calls per month (1 to 2 hours each) where I critique email to landing page sequences.

I'll also be sharing my learnings from currently sending over 3 million emails per week.

Then I'll be answering everybunny's questions as well.

Video and audio recordings will be available to you.

I'm also going to do "can't live without" bullet point transcriptions -- all meat and no fluff.

* You also get access to a private Facebook mastermind group.

Feel free to ask for opinions on emails, ask questions and even get input on your emails from like-minded email marketers.

Question #4 - Why are there no refunds?

Answer: I'm only looking for serious email marketers who want to increase the response to their emails dramatically.

You can, however, cancel at any time.

Question #5 - Can I join later?

Answer: Sure you can, as long as there's a space available at a later time.

However, consider this...

Recordings are only available from when you signed up.

For instance... If you sign up after our first call, you only have access to the recordings of future calls.

You can pay extra for past calls when you weren't a member.

I'm not going to disrespect existing members who paid for previous recordings.

Why not just join now and make sure you have access to every single call...

Question #6: I'm in x niche. Will you be able to help me?

Answer: I can't see any niche I wouldn't be able to ramp up response.

For one thing, you'll be giving me a heads up on your niche and prospects before critiques.

Secondly, I work in a great deal of niches outside of IM or "MMO".

I have done Golf, Astrology, Wildflowers, Comic Books, Sign Making Equipment, Finance, Real Estate, Dog Supplies, Gifts and so on and so forth...

Plus, the 3 million emails I send every week is not IM or "MMO" (in case you're wondering...).

Okay, then!

There you have it...

Again, simply reply to this email or hit me up on skype @ bigmarketing if you have any questions or concerns.

If you're ready to make a decision, by all means, click the link below to save your spot.

Click here to access my monthly group coaching program for serious email marketers only...

Let me know if you have any questions in the comment form below.

Talk soon,

Big Jason

My Cute Niece Monika

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