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In my younger years as a personal trainer, I noticed a recurring trend when observing other personal trainers.

Everybunny was giving all their clients the exact same workout...

3 sets per exercise and 12 reps each... forever!

Did it work?

Sure it did...

If you're a couch potato, pretty much anything is better than nothing.

Even scarier were the times when one of these "personal" trainers would ask me to fill in for them.

I can still hear their client's

    "Huh? You want me to do only one set?

    But Joe says I need to do three!"

More like "cookie cutter" trainers than "personal" trainers if you ask me.

I've seen the same thing in email marketing as long as I can remember.

There are different factors influencing email response, yet I frequently see "cookie cutter" email marketers trying to take credit for the success of others.

For instance, a new offer converts like gangbusters because you tried something new...

Or was it the relevance of the offer, the motivation of the subscriber or both?

This is where real testing comes into play.

Recently, somebunny told me one of these... cookie cutters... said not to use images.


Because it was part of their "cookie cutter" email marketing philosophy.

Fortunately, this person was smarter than your average bunny and split tested an idea I gave them.

They discovered more clicks... AND more sales... (Repeatedly!).

Screw you, ya cookie cutting douchebag!

You can stick those cookies with a hot poker...

Be on the lookout for cookie cutter email marketers.

They show signs of sameness, predictability, recycling, lack of originality, low quality and not coming up with anything unique.

Anyway, don't expect any cookies while participating in my monthly group coaching program.

You can expect some juicy carrots instead.

I'm not going to simply look at your email and pull something out of... you know where...

Monica My Niece
I'm going to ask the following:

    #1 - Where did they come from? What scares them? What turns them on?

    #2 - What emails (if any) did they see before this one?

    #3 -
Where are they going?

    #4 - What (ultimately) do you want them to do?

I'm going to rip your email apart and put it back together again... after looking at the whole picture.

The following is going to be used to rip open your list's skulls... look into their brains... figure out how to optimize their thought sequences... and help them come to the right conclusions about your email... (versus just baking you some cookies!).

    >> Breakthrough email response strategies based on over 18 years of proven results -- not guesswork! (No Cookies!)

    >> Billions of emails sent... (including over 500 million sent last year alone) and over 50 million in sales.

    >> Over 3 million emails currently being sent every single week...

    >> Certified by MECLABS, world's largest marketing optimization and research firm, 6 times in email messaging optimization, 5 times in landing page optimization, 4 times in online testing and 2 times in value proposition development...

I'll be doing this on two live video broadcasts (at the minimum) every month for 1-2 hours each.

And if it's okay with you, I'd like to share new breakthrough email response strategies every month.

Plus, I'll be answering your questions... and sharing emails actually producing huge results and not just "applause".

You'll also have access to a private mastermind group.

Now, I could charge you something like the following two companies last week... (while I attended my 9th straight MarketingSherpa Email Summit):

This was a great day...

But my monthly group coaching isn't going to be anywhere near those recurring fees.

For what you get, the low monthly investment is going to shock you.

Remember, my advice can be "painful" and take you out of your comfort zone.

Fortunately for you, I'm not going to focus on being right...

I'm going to focus on what makes you the most out of every single email you send.

Stay tuned for my blog post tomorrow when my monthly group coaching program, Dial An Email Marketing Hero, launches.

The title will be:

    Access Email Marketering Super Powers From Another World

Talk to you tomorrow,
Big Jason

BTW, hit me up on Skype @ bigmarketing if you have any questions.

Monica My Niece

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