So where were we?

Oh yeah...

Previously in Part 1 - Origins, I had talked about the show "Heroes", my favorite hero, Hiro, and the origins of my "Dial A Email Marketing Hero" private coaching program.

As you can imagine...

Where there are heroes, there are... VILLAINS!

My favorite villain is Sylar.

My wife thinks there might be something wrong with me...

It might have something to do with the fact that I get really excited when Sylar scalps other people with "abilities" simply by pointing his finger across their forehead...

Pretty gruesome, ain't it?

There's actually a rational (and "somewhat" sane) explanation for all this.

I'll explain it later.

For now, let's talk about the different types email marketing VILLAINS.


There are email marketing villains roaming the internet like roaring lions, seeking whom they may devour.

Here's a list of villains you should be on the lookout for as you seek out what works best for your list.

Be sure to read about the villain I was forced to defeat in public...

Email Marketing Villain #1 - Arrogance

This villain wants to be right at all costs, constantly spewing out vile absolutes from their dirty, dirty mouth...

They can't fathom being wrong about anything, at any time.

An email marketing hero desires his student to find out what works best for them... (even if it means the hero is wrong in some cases).

I've often encountered victims of email marketing villains on my journey...

Their email lists just sit there, rotting away with their head split wide open...

In other cases, they leave a ton of money on the table by blindly following baseless advice.

For instance, look at the images below.

I guess this is a pretty good endorsement...

Pretty good for one hour...
This entrepreneur paid me $1,000 for an hour of my time.

One of my suggestions was to test using some images in his emails.

I explained to him the grand possibility of increasing his results by infusing more trust, credibility, proof, demonstration, personality and rapport (to name just a few) in his emails by testing images.

You, of course, can do all those things with text alone.

The question is whether or not you can do even better.

I was immediately told using images was out of the question because....

    "Email marketing villain X in my mastermind told me plain text looking emails were better."

I said, "Based on what exactly? Multiple test results?".

    "Uhhhh... No, it's just what he uses and thinks is best."

So sad... Like a lamb led to slaughter...

Fortunately, you don't have to make these kinds of mistakes.

Email Marketing Villain #2 - Split Testing

This villain doesn't split test their emails and many times, doesn't even know how to properly split test emails.

They don't really know what works best for themselves or... YOU!

An email marketing hero knows that split testing emails does work (if you know how to do it properly).

They also know you can't just split test something once and then be dogmatic about it.

Personally, I have tested the use of images over 120 times.

Here is a recent example (With Images on Top - Without on The Bottom):

Split testing images...

Email Marketing Villain #3 - Stealing Credit and Falsifying Results from Emails... (Even outright lying)

Man oh man...

This villain drinks their own koolaid!

They use total revenue screen shots to validate their email marketing prowess.

What they fail to mention is that a lot of that (sometimes "most") is from other people promoting their products, front end sales from traffic and various other sources, not email or specifically what they're selling you.

Another huge red flag is the touting of swipes for emails with NO revenue per email.

"How much did this email generate Mr. Villain?"

"Uhhh... I really don't have any idea, but overall, I made a ton last month."

They can't produce any real results from individual emails like heroes can.

Now this was a Great day...
There are entire companies of villains who are masters at low-cost targeted traffic but completely suck at email.

I should know because I consult for them and hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth.

The big reason for their success is the big list and low-cost traffic.

You can pretty much have a monkey (or even a real bunny) write profit-producing emails if your list is big enough.

One villain I know has a massive list... they stole.

Then I turnaround and these villains are giving interviews about how to write email series.

Speaking of verifiable results, look at the image below.

Nice bonus...
A supplement company wired me a 15k bonus after working with them in September.

The bonus was part of our agreement and based on... verifiable results!

Anyway, don't sweat it.

As part of of my private monthly coaching launch, I am waiving any sort of bonus or royalty fee. (gasp)

Okay. Gotta hop.

The bunny chef is calling with dinner!

Look for my next blog post with more info on "Dial An Email Marketing Hero (Part 3: How to Stop An Exploding Email...)"

See you Friday,
Big Jason

This is my email copy editor - blame her for everything...

Remember the villain I was forced to defeat in public?

I did a launch bringing in high 7 figures (8+), and a pretty famous launch company tried to take all the credit (especially for all the emails).

Unfortunately for them, there was this video on Youtube with the truth.

What's even funnier is that it initially aired LIVE during the launch...

Ooops... Guess they missed it. =)

Watch it for yourself below. (less than two minutes)