Emails Worth Stealing

A huge problem I see is people "stealing" emails they have absolutely no idea how well they did.

Heck, the marketer who wrote them usually doesn't know how well it did.

This is the one thing I always ask someone when they're hopping around like a bunny with its head cut off because of some alleged awesome email.

"Oh, so did you buy what they were selling?"

Uhhhh.... No. I just thought it was a really, well-written email.

Doh! That's the kiss of death.

Gary Halbert would always go back to the drawing board if anybunny started talking about how "well written" his salesletters were.

Here is the type of response you should desire and covet from your emails:

I wasn't going to buy until I saw this...

Or maybe responses like this:

Crazy like a rabbit...

They both bought and so did a lot more.

Now, hold up!

Don't get any weird ideas about the significance of using bunny rabbits in your emails...

It's merely a coincidence that both emails have bunny rabbits in them... (Or is it?)

If you want to see some examples of marketers raving like lunatics about my client's emails (worth stealing), here ya go...

Trying to figure out whose resonsible for this...

At least the person in the image below is "honest" about stealing them...

I  have never seen done before....

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