Frequently Asked Questions About Dial An Email Marketing Hero Private Coaching

I'm going to get straight to the point.

Here are answers to the most popular questions about my private coaching program, Dial An Email Marketing Hero... (bonuses expire tonight).

Feel free to reply to this email if you have a question not covered.

You can also hit me up on Skype @ bigmarketing.

If you're not interested in private coaching, feel free to disregard or keep reading.

You never know what you may find...

Question #1 - How does the 5% of the gross sales work?

Answer: Let's say I write two emails for you as part of my coaching, and it generates the following:

5 percent of this is mine I tell you...

As you can see, two emails (1st email was 1 and 1b) generated an additional $230,769 dollars.

Thats $11,538.45 (5%) in addition to the monthly coaching fee in my pocket... IF you started private coaching with me after tonight... (missing the deadline).

Accepting this opportunity by tonight means 100% of 230,769 dollars would remain yours.

Yes, you keep ALL of the profits for yourself... (if you start before midnight!).

Question #2 - Will you only be coaching me or actually doing stuff as well?

Answer: That's a great question.

Depending on the situation of the email, I might be writing one or two, here and there.

I'm here to help you where you need it most.

However, it is your time.

If you decide one month you'd like me to just write emails, I'll do it etc...

Question #3 - Am I locked into coaching for a set period of time?

No. You can cancel at anytime.

Question #4 - What if I want you to do most of the work versus just coaching me?

It's up to you. I can spend the entire two or four hours every month, writing emails, etc.

However, that won't get you the most bang for your buck.

It would probably be better if we just did things on a project basis.

A company doing over 3 million emails a week and bringing in over 10k leads a day, just contracted me
because they wanted me to do most of the work versus just coaching them.

Then there is one of the top product owners on Clickbank with a very capable copywriter.

They just want me coaching them and helping them improve their emails and marketing funnel.

Question #5 - Can you work in X niche?

I can work in pretty much any niche.

I have worked in many different niches other than make money online.

A few niches are golf, astrology, finance, software, health, supplements, weight loss, men, women, comic books, organic produce, art supplies and much more.

If I don't feel like I can knock it out of the park for your niche, I wouldn't take your money.

Well, there you have it.

Again, let me know if you have any other questions.

You have until tonight at midnight Pacific to decide.

After midnight, your bonuses will be going away and the price will be going up.

Click here to accept Private Coaching before your bonuses expire...

Hope you're having a great weekend,
Big Jason

Monica My Niece

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