"Wrote our daily emails... Largest product launch in company history..."


"...happens to be the guy responsible for writing all the copy... outbound emails..."


"Big Jason has earned the Halbert seal of approval..."

"Unlike almost all “so called” email experts, Big Jason Henderson has what matters most....real life data and test results to back up what he teaches.

You just can't beat real numbers Jason has derived from huge email campaigns across a variety of industries.

EVERY email “guru” I know, warned against using one simple tactic which increased my click through rate 400%.

Only Jason said such a tactic would work.

Big Jason Henderson has earned The Halbert Seal of Approval and I follow his advice faithfully above all others. "

Bond Halbert  
Los Angeles, CA  
Marketing Consultant  
(Son of Legendary Copywriter,  
Gary Halbert)  

Bond Halbert  


"Jason is what I would call an Email Jedi -- very good email copywriter and strategist..."


"Anything about email, I'm calling Jason first."


"When I'm doing a launch, I try to bring the best..."

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