Cautionary Email Marketing Tales – Dial An Email Marketing Hero Part 6

Well, now you know that I like to literally reach out from the internet and tap into your prospect's brains.

Optimizing thought sequences...

Today I want to warn you by telling some cautionary tales from the past 18 years of breakthrough email marketing...

Cautionary Tale #1 - Plain Text vs HTML vs Plain Text "Looking" HTML vs HTML w/Images.

This is a big one for email marketing "villains".

My first story goes something like this...

I'm writing emails for an A+ copywriter in the relationship market.

He hits me on Skype one day extremely disgusted.

"Dude. Why did you use images in today's email?"

I thought they added a lot to the email.

"Didn't you split test this and plain text "looking" html with no images won?"

Yep. It won... one out of ten recent split tests.

HTML with images won 9 out of 10 times...

"Ah. Got it. My bad. Keep up the good work."

I still test all of this today.

In fact, I even left OfficeAutoPilot email service because they actually didn't allow plain text only emails.

That's part of what I do when I'm consulting.

Not only do I write emails, but I also coach on what situations to test using images and when plain text would be best (based on my testing and experience).

There was even a really good example about plain text versus html on a split test website.

It had a test of a horrible looking html email (mainly images poorly chosen) versus a plain text "looking" html email.

Even the copy was different.

Probably one of the worst split tests ever setup.

Of course the plain text "looking" html email was going to win.

It had much better copy.

Lo and behold, an email marketing villain on Facebook squealed like a little piggy in mud...

"Yeah, baby! Finally, third party validation that plain text is better."

The sad thing about 99% of these villains is the fact that they've been using plain text for eons without testing it ever again... (and most of them never tested properly in the first place).

They then turn around and try to deceive other marketers into believing them based on nothing other than they do it.

Be not deceived, data is not mocked!

Split test with images

The image above is one of my most recent test of image vs no image.

Villains will see what they want to see, so always be sure to test (properly) for yourself!

Cautionary Tale #2 - Blind Curiosity Killed the Cat (or Bunny)...

In 2013, it seemed like everybunny was drunk on blind curiosity and trying to "trick" their subscribers into thinking it was a personal, one-to-one conversation.

Maybe it was the Obama re-election email campaign that did a gablillion dollars in 2012.

The president's team used really short subject lines to make it appear that the president was sending people a personal email.

Here's the thing...

I actually had the opportunity to discuss and ask questions about this campaign with the top two marketers working on that campaign.

They explained that they only used that strategy because it was the president.

When emails were from someone other than the president, more specific subject lines were used.

I would caution you to focus more on being specific and hitting a nerve versus trying to be "persuasive" in your emails.

As. Dr. Flint McGlaughlin likes to say...

"Clarity trumps persuasion..."

My biggest response to an email (as far as opens and clicks go) was an email in the golf niche.

It had over 166,000 unique opens, 77,000 unique clicks and made 10k.

It would have made even more if the client had taken the time to make the landing page more congruent (topic for another day...).

The subject line and call to action were in the following format:

"Get [Unbelievable Benefit] In [Number of Steps]"

Have you ever noticed villains going on and on about their psychological powers?

They're subject lines and emails are so brilliant because the reader "must" open the email and click the link (even though they have no idea what it is...)

What's funny though is that you never see any numbers.

No click through rate, no revenue, no anything.

You're just supposed to trust them...

I'm sorry to be the one to break this to you, but 9 out of 10 email marketing villains get their info from here...

They get their info here

Remember, question everything and trust nobunny!

Test... and then test again.

Anyway, time for me to go (for now).

Here is a recap of how private coaching with me is going to work.

Your next email will have a link for you to sign up.

This is what private coaching from me looks like:

#1 - You'll be able to work with me privately for one hour, twice a month or four times a month (your choice) via skype, phone or online video.

#2 - We'll have a mutual NDA agreement (I won't share your stuff... you won't share mine).

#3 - You can have as many employees on our calls and record them.

#4 - All market research, samples, questions, etc. can be submitted before calls, so I can review them.

#5 - Again, paid media ads, emails, landing pages, product launches... nothing is off limits.
Why waste any time on the actual call, right?

If you have any interest in having your own personal email marketing hero, for one low monthly fee, reply and let me know.

Remember, only 10 spots are available.

Be on the lookout in your inbox for my next email with the subject line of:

"Calling Big Jason... (Dial An Email Marketing Hero Part 7)"

Test everything,

Big Jason

This is my email copy editor - blame her for everything...

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"Anything about email, I'm calling Jason first..."

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