Email Secrets of The Legendary Seeing Eye Jew from Brooklyn

Have you heard the legend of the seeing eye Jew from Brooklyn, New York?

More importantly, have you heard his email secrets?

Here's the story...

The greatest copywriter whoever lived, Gary Halbert, suffered from extremely poor vision.

It got so bad he could barely read... see his son from across a small room... cross the street safely... or even be sure he was entering the men's bathroom versus the ladies room...

Before he was able to get corrective surgery, Sir Halbert sought out some assistance.

People in these circumstances (typically) look for a seeing eye dog or rabbit... not Gary Halbert.

Myself, I would have chosen a seeing eye rabbit...

Anyway, Gary went out to Brooklyn, New York and acquired the services of (you're not going to belive this)... a seeing eye Jew.

Who would have ever thought you could rent a Jew to help get around and stop walking into oncoming traffic...

This seeing eye Jew was none other than Sam Markowitz.

Apparently, Sammy was a Jew of all trades and ended up becoming Gary's last copywriting protege.

I had the pleasure of meeting Sam in Los Angeles through Gary's son, Bond Halbert.

Turns out it was the perfect time to meet the seeing eye Jew, who could write copy as well.

I had just started writing a solo ad email for a trading options course, and I'd never written for this particular niche.

Asked Sammy if he could take a look, and I'm sure glad I did...

The one email tip he gave me for a specific spot in the email was the big ticket.

My client was over-joyed when it produced a 27% increase in click through rate.

Sammy even gave me permission to share this secret in my monthly group coaching program (closing tonight).

Moving onward...

Turns out the seeing eye Jew started a skin care company with another Halbert protege, Amit Suneja, and needed some email marketing and email copywriting help from me.

It's not like they're weren't kicking ass either...

They built the company up to 8 figures annually.

With still being a seeing eye Jew part-time and running his company, Sam just didn't have time to write emails or work on their email marketing strategy.

So he calls me up, and I went to work.

How did it go?

My emails worked so well, Sammy asked if he could license them for another company he was building...

 Well, that's all well and good for Sammy and me, but what does all this have to do with you?

Here's the deal...

I'm handing over the seeing eye Jew's email secrets (with his blessing) to you... along with my mountain-of-cash producing emails I wrote for his 8 figure company, during the first month of my monthly group coaching program, Dial an Email Marketing Hero.

However, you only have until midnight before I shut it down.

If you want world-class email marketing coaching and the email secrets of the legendary seeing eye Jew from Brooklyn, then sign up using the link below!

Click here to get world-class email marketing coaching for a disgustingly low price...

If you have any questions, reply to this post or hit me up on Skype @ bigmarketing.

Talk soon,
Big Jason

BTW, here is a picture of Bond Halbert, myself, the legendary seeing eye Jew and Kevin Halbert hanging out at a coffee shop in Redondo Beach, California.

Seeing Eye Jew from Brooklyn

 No, just because I had shades on inside, doesn't mean I hired Sammy to be my seeing eye Jew!

In fact, Sammy wanted me to let you know that he's officially retired.

If you're having eye sight problems, best to get a seeing eye rabbit instead...


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