Instantly Add Urgency, Scarcity and Believability to Your Emails Without Saying A Word

If you want to instantly add scarcity, urgency and believability (for starters) in your promotional emails... without saying anything, simply add a countdown timer.

How do you do this in email... like I'm doing below?

Counting down...
60 seconds or so... pick the date and time it should expire... choose style, font and color... choose what should happen when it expires... copy and paste... done!

My buddy, Jack Born (big brother of Jason Bourne), came out with a countdown timer specifically for email.

It's not even available to the general public right now.

Plus, you get the same deal >> Only $9 dollars << I received... (yes, I bought it myself).

There you have it.

Click here to instantly add scarcity, urgency and believability to your emails... without saying a word...

Talk soon,
Big Jason

BTW, I really did get it by paying for it.

I"ll be split testing it among the 3 million emails I send every week...

Got my countdown timer for email...

Monica My Niece

Looks like somebunny agrees...

Email Countdown Timer Purchase

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