Painful Email Marketing Advice

How painful?

I'm talking about having your wisdom teeth pulled...

On some email marketing projects, I've seen heads spinning 180 degrees with uncontrolled vomiting... (like the exorcist).

I remember this one time...

A nice lady was in tears because the CEO (mean bastard)
was forcing her to try one of my suggestions.

From my experience, marketers tend to resist change and don't like people questioning their assumptions...

For example, it took me THREE times to get a client to test something on their optin page.

They didn't want to hear it and thought (assumed) it was a huge waste of time.

What happened when they finally gave into my evil scheme?

My test resulted in over 2,493 additional optins and an additional 218,600 in revenue.

As you can imagine, they're as happy as a bunny in a carrot patch once they saw the $$$ coming into their accounts.

What does all this mean?

My mission is to question every assumption and find every last dollar lying on the floor... no matter how painful it is.

I even get depressed until someone from a company is -- at the minimum -- red in the face with steam coming out their ears.

If they don't have a problem with anything I say, something is very wrong.

I never want to be giving vanilla, "cookie-cutter" advice you can get anywhere.

Anyway, don't sign up for my monthly group coaching Thursday if you can't handle getting out of your comfort zone.

I'm going to be ripping your email and landing page sequences a new one (to say the least)...

More info tomorrow.

Talk soon,

Big Jason

BTW, the lady in tears hugged me the following day because my evil scheme didn't turn out to be as bad as she "assumed"...

Monica My Niece

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