How to Stop An Exploding Email – Dial An Email Marketing Hero Part 3


Sorry for the delay, but better late than never I always say...

Where shall I begin?

Oh yeah!

In Part 1 and 2, I had talked about the show "Heroes", Hiro, the origins of my "Dial A Email Marketing Hero" private coaching program... AND just a few of the many email marketing villains seeking to devour you.

Today we're discussing "How to Stop An Exploding Email...".

On the show Heroes, a hero named Peter Patrelli (the biggest wuss you ever did see...), has a power he can't control.

This power is going to destroy New York and everyone he loves.

In the episode titled, "How to Stop An Exploding Man", Peter and all the other heroes tried in vain to stop him from exploding.

There was nothing anyone could do.

He ended up exploding. The END!

Not really...

Anyway, I've experienced something very similar through the years when it comes to my coaching.

For instance, there was this organic foods website I worked with in 1996 (my first year consulting online... shortly after Al Gore invented the internet...).

I guess I did pretty well.

Sales increased by over 300%.

The owner, a nice lady named Julie from Arizona, was able to sell the company for a huge profit to spend more time with her two daughters.

Here's where it gets interesting...

I get a phone call soon after Julie emails me about selling the business and how much she appreciates the work I did.

It's the new owner, Dave, and he seems a bit agitated...

Seriously, the first thing he says, after a brief introduction, is:

    "What are you doing on the site?"

Excuse me?

    "Whatever you're doing, I need you to stop it."

Actually, I'm not doing anything more with the site.

    "We can't handle the amount of the orders coming in since I took over the business.

    I need you to turn it off!"

I don't know what to tell you, Dave.

I finished work on the site quite some time ago.

All the email series (prospects and customers), seo and traffic is on autopilot.

Why don't you hire more sales people?

    "Oh. I see. Yeah. I guess I can do that."


That's pretty interesting, considering it happened all the way back in 1996.

However, the most explosive email/s I've ever written
came about in 2011.

It was during a big product launch which did high seven figures.

I was contracted to write a certain amount of emails along with my other product launch duties.

What led to this explosive email was the bonus addendum to my contract...

It said I would receive an additional 10% gross of any new emails or strategies
I produced above and beyond everything that was outlined in my contract.

The catch was it had to be 100% coming from me (and me alone) and verifiable by hard data...

Hard data is my middle name!

So I came up with a strategy to write two additional emails for a very specific purpose.

How did they do?

Not too shabby, If I do say so myself.

Have a look yourself...

Not too shabby...

An additional 230,769 from just two emails, and they only had to pay me 10%!

Everybunny in the office was hopping up and down with joy, right?


I was called into the small, corner office where sales and customer service were stationed.

Immediately saw that their manager was not very happy (her face was actually bright red...).

I thought "Uh oh. I'm in trouble...".

"What the hell is wrong with you?"

Me? What did I do?

I'm telling you... It was Susan!!! (project manager). =)

    "We're overwhelmed with phone calls and replies to the email you just sent.

    We don't have enough staff to handle it all"

You mean the email doing over 100k already?

    "I don't care! You need to stop the send right now until we can get some more help in here."

Well, unfortunately the email is completely out the door and nothing can stop it.



Apparently, my last second idea to include a phone number in the email and option to reply with any questions, worked too well.

Oh well. Not going to apologize for well over 100k from the phone calls and replies.

Moving onward...

Last, but not least, the most recent exploding email came during a launch in the golf niche just last year.

Now this one even surprised me.

You may or may not remember this.

I've never golfed, never taken a lesson... and even hated watching it (back then).

I had tried some new things during pre launch to work everybunny into a feeding frenzy.

Turns out it worked really well...

One email before server melted...

Only problem was we never even launched to the house list for two days because I actually fried the server during the first email to the early bird list.

A huge portion of the early bird list couldn't even order.

Typically when someone "bluffs" they melted their server during a launch, they've mailed their entire list plus the early bird list.

This ended up being the company's largest launch ever.

So I guess the moral of the story is you can't actually stop an "exploding" email.

Well, the good news is you can now let me cause you five, six and even seven figure headaches like this for a fraction of the cost... (a small, monthly fee, soon to be revealed).

Remember this!

As part of of my private monthly coaching launch, I am waiving any sort of bonus or royalty fee. (No additional 10%)

Okay. Gotta hop to it.

Going to workout.

Look for my next email with more info on

"4 Years Ago... (Dial An Email Marketing Hero Part 4)"

Talk to you Saturday,

Big Jason

This is my email copy editor - blame her for everything...

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