I AM SYLAR – Dial An Email Marketing Hero Part 5

Previously in Part 1, 2, 3, 4 of "Dial An Email Marketing Hero...

I had talked about the show "Heroes"... Hire... the origins of my "Dial A Email Marketing Hero" private coaching program... a few of the many email marketing villains seeking to devour you... how you can't actually stop an exploding email... and 4 years ago when well-known marketers started to discover my "abilities".

If you recall in Part 2, I told you Skylar was my favorite villain from "Heroes".

I also explained how my wife thinks there might be something wrong with me...


Because I get excited whenever Skylar points his finger across another hero's forehead and scalps them simply by using his mind.

What happened next shocked her even more.

It was during season 2, episode 4 - The Kindness of Strangers.

I turned and said:

"Bunny! I now know why I love Skylar so much."

Why she asks...

"Because... I AM SYLAR!"

I Am Sylar...
Don't worry!

I'm not a sociopath like Skylar.

However, we both share many personality traits and skills... (scary, aint it?).

In fact, many of these traits can definitely be used as assets in your business.

We both like to figure out how things work and how they can be improved.

For example...

Remember in Part 3 when I mentioned that additional 230,769 from just two emails during a high 7 figure launch? (see below).

Not too shabby...
That's only part of the story...

I wrote the copy and designed the prelaunch optin pages.

It out converted the previous year's page by 30%!

Also had an idea how to increase optins even more, but I was told to abandon the idea... twice!

Persisted because I knew it could be better and was driving me insane...

Here are the results:

Not too shabby...
Nope. You're not seeing a mirage.

That's an additional 2,487 optins and 217,600 in revenue.

Why was I able to see what they couldn't?

It's simple, in my opinion.

They were looking at an optin page...

I was looking in the prospect's mind.

They were trying optimize buttons, colors, layouts, etc...

I was optimizing the prospect's thought sequences like so:

Optimizing thought sequences...
Unlike Sylar, I don't need to physically split open your prospect's head to get a good look at what's going on in their mind.

The reason is this.

I've been studying with my father's former partner in the fringe email marketing division of a secret government company at MIT.

Yes, the very same company I mentioned previously in Part 4...

His name is Dr. Flint McGlaughlin, now CEO and founder of the world's largest marketing research and optimization company called MECLABS.

Since 2005, I've attended Dr. Flint's annual MarketingSherpa (a subsidiary of MECLABS) Email Summit (the world's largest email marketing conference).

I've attended over 8 years straight (even spoke one year).

Also like Sylar, I'm always acquiring new "abilities" to test out in the real world of email marketing.

Rather than kill people for their abilities, I take all of MECLABS certification courses EVERY year.

   >> Email Messaging Optimization

   >> Landing Page Optimization

   >> Value Proposition Development

   >> Online Testing .

The Email Summit is so important, I refused to go to Malaysia to start consulting for MindValley until it was over.

    "Sorry. There's no way I'm missing this.

    You can fly me out there the day after.

    Why don't you send somebunny to attend with me, and I'll fly back with them."

MindValley did send someone to learn along side with me.

You'd be surprised how funny Dr. Flint is.

I introduced the rep from MindValley during a break, and he says to them:

    "You know what?

    I have no idea why Big Jason keeps coming back to our conferences.

    He should be teaching this stuff.

    In fact, I'm really tired from speaking the last couple of days.

    Jason, can you handle the next session while I go back to my room and take a nap?"

Funny guy!

You can always learn more and acquire new "abilities", and this where I come in.

Rather than getting the same "cookie cutter" consulting, you're going to receive cutting-edge advice while grabbing every last cent you're leaving on the table right now.

Whether it's paid media ads, optin pages, salesletters, daily emails, autoresponder series, checkout pages, social media, I'm going to optimize your prospect's and customer's though processes for higher conversions.

Tuesday is when I'm going to give you the opportunity to be one of ten entrepreneurs or companies to receive private coaching from me.

This is what private coaching from me looks like:

    #1 - You'll be able to work with me privately for one hour, twice a month or four times a month (your choice) via skype, phone or online video.

    #2 - We'll have a mutual NDA agreement (I won't share your stuff... you won't share mine).

    #3 - You can have as many employees on our calls and record them.

    #4 - All market research, samples, questions, etc. can be submitted before calls, so I can review them.

    #5 - Again, paid media ads, emails, landing pages, product launches... nothing is off limits.
Why waste any time on the actual call, right?

Anyway, off to the gym with the wife.

If you have any interest in having your own personal email marketing hero, for one low monthly fee, reply and let me know.

Remember, only 10 spots are available.

Be on the lookout in your inbox for my next email with the subject line of:

"Cautionary Tales... (Dial An Email Marketing Hero Part 6)"

Talk soon,

This is my email copy editor - blame her for everything...
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