Write A Cash Sucking Affiliate Email Promo Series – Here’s How

If you want to write a killer email series for an affiliate promo, this is your chance to do so... and get some personal help from yours truly.

Btw, there's some real urgency here...

Be sure to read this entire blog post or woe be unto you... because this offer goes up by $200 in exactly...

Time is running out...
Here's what it's all about...

A student recently asked me if I could do a blueprint to show exactly how I do an affiliate email promo series like a recent one where I did...

...over $28.62 per click and converted an ungodly amount higher than any other affiliate.

They also asked me to include the following:

    > Why my email copy and positioning was different than everybunny else (including top copywriters)... and how you can do the same.

    > 3 specific (and simple) ways to compete with super affiliates, their big lists, and their big bonuses...

    > How to stand out and be different than any of your competitors...

    > What not to do...

    > How to make an affiliate offer so compelling, your subscribers will buy a product twice... (and even after they are committed to not buying).

    > Examples of story-based email series and single affiliate promos which you can steal for your own list.

So I've decided to show you exactly how I did the following:

    * Over $13 per name for an affiliate promo on a list of less than 500 subscribers... (I'll give you all the strategies and emails to steal for your own promos).

    * Top 5 for a huge John Carlton promo with abused list of about 3k... (I'll also show you how I brought this crap list back to life and did so well at the same time.)

Kevin Rogers who?
What? Did I finish 5th or 6th?

Actually, they screwed up and Carlton's business partner followed up with this...

Poor Schramko...
Take that, James Schramko!

    * #8 finish for another huge promo with same abused list of about 3k subscribers...

Private dinner for me...

    * 2nd place and won an "All-expenses paid trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico"... Odelay! (Utilized an abused list for this promo).

My first trip to cabo...

    * 6th place using the same abused list...

Tellman who? Shawn Casey?

    * 5th place and brough home over 360k in commissions with... wait for it... the exact same beat up list...

Almost had Frank Kern...

How I make this happen, time and time again, is going to be presented in 4 webinars, starting next Tuesday, July 8th.

Plus, there'll be four hotseat webinars where I critique someone's affiliate email series (If you submit it fast enough, your email could get this extra attention).

Now hold on a minute!

This is where the real urgency comes into play...

If you're one of the first ten to register for this new training on crafting affiliate email promos, I'm going to give you an hour of my time to go over your next promotion (Only one left).

Normally, this would be an investment of $1,000.

1000 per hour email consultation

Now considering I don't even have a salesletter, I'm just going to give all this to you for $97 rather then $297.

Sound fair?

The only condition is you must register for this new training by Tuesday night, July 1st.

Is there a guarantee?

I guarantee I'm going to be spilling every last secret and answering all your questions about writing affiliate email promo series.

If you need more than that, this isn't for you.

Stop reading and go play with your pet bunny rabbit...


Here's the deal.

All you need is a list and a desire to learn more about what works best.

This isn't a magic bullet, and I'm not promising you'll get the same results as me.

But you will receive the exact blueprint of what's worked for me with big, tiny, and downright butt ugly lists alike.

If you want to discover exactly what I've done and still do now for killer affiliate email promo series, click the link below and sign up through Paypal.

Click here to get my affiliate email promo series blueprint for $97 (24 Hours Only)...

Remember, be one of the first ten and receive a one hour consultation (worth $1,000) on your next promo series.

Reply back to this email if you have any questions.

Talk soon,

Compelling reason to turn on images goes here...
BTW, Tony Flores, A+ copywriter and author of Clayton Makepeace's Desktop Copy Coach, says this:

"Big Jason is one of the best (and biggest) email experts on the web. I don't know anyone who can match his skills for writing, formatting, delivering and optimizing the performance of emails in any (affiliate email promo) campaign or product launch.
But with all the experts I've ever met, I've never seen anyone with Big Jason's skill set. I would not hesitate to work with him on a product launch.

He's the real deal.
Also, having personally worked with him for six months -- I must say that he has an unbelievable talent for building rapport with affiliates, prospects AND customers with his email copywriting.
One of the emails he wrote was the best email I have seen written by anyone in a very long time.

And I personally witnessed him single-handedly finish in the top 5 for a John Carlton promotion and top ten for another big promotion with a reach of only about 3000 subscribers. And the list was old and not taken care of properly."

Tony Flores, A+ Copywriter and Author Clayton Makepeace's Ultimate Desktop Copy Coach
Palo Alto, CA

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